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Birthdate:Sep 14
In the snows of the Wakhan Corridor, if you are very still and very silent and very, very lucky, you can hear singing.

If you are small and fuzzy and warm, that singing may be the last thing you ever hear.

But the Snow Leopard Woman was a real woman, once.

Beref, aka Snow Leopard Woman, will generally appear either as a snow leopard or as a small, compact Wakhi Afghani woman. In either form, she has striking, unnaturally blue eyes; as a woman, she is about 5'3" with mid-length dark reddish brown hair, high cheekbones and a generally serene expression, wearing a long thick fur dress coat and boots. However, she is a shape-shifter and is not confined to only two forms. When she speaks there is music behind her words, and - unless she intends otherwise - she is generally a calming presence to be around.

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